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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 283 reviews
      Great Solution

      I use Frownies while I sleep, and I love that it gives me 8 hours of NOT furrowing my brow. It's simple and easy to use. This product is helping me to not need Botox this year.

      they work ok.

      They do soften wrinkles. worth a try

      Saw improvement overnight

      Work really well. I am a side sleeper so I wear the Frownies to prevent and reduce my 11 lines because my face scrunches up at night.


      I typically don't write reviews on products I purchase, but these patches are SOOOOO amazing, I felt like I needed to. I have been using Retinol for the past year and have seen minimal change. I found rave reviews for Frownies when researching my option for anti-wrinkle fixes and decided I might as well give them a try. After only one night of wearing the patches I saw HUGE results! I was blown away. I have a deeper set wrinkle between my eyebrows that has been the focus of my antiwrinkle feats for the last year or two. I had recently come to the conclusion that the only way I would be able to fix it was probably botox. Frownies has HAPPILY proven me wrong. The line between my eyebrow has reduced to a barely visible faint line, after the just 28 days of wearing the patches each night. I sent my sisters a picture of my results after just 3 nights and they went and purchased some for themselves immediately (that's how impressive the results were!). Anyone considering giving these a try should not waste anymore time considering and buy them already, you won't regret it. :)


      I wear for frown line between eyebrows, at night, while sleeping. Seems to work better than any other product. Rather try this than fillers.