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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 199 reviews
      works for me

      I use these every other day. Use them at corners of eyes and between my eyebrows. Works well. I have had problems keeping them on my
      marionette lines, seems to not stay in place as well. I’ve been using Frownies for years. I’m 68.

      Demi Wicox

      I won’t be without these. Two months ago I had been seriously entertaining getting Botox for forehead wrinkles (fine lines) and filler around my mouth (marionette lines). I religiously take care of my skin and am a health nut. I constantly get told I look at least five years younger than I am. But was starting to notice normal aging lines. I’m 31, most people think I’m young to mid 20s. I also model (real modeling not this fake instagram modeling). I saw an ad on instagram about frownies and thought well I’ll try it and what the heck maybe I won’t have to do injectables. I’m so glad I did. My lines have basically disappeared full time unless I’ve been laughing but they relax and are still better than they were. I won’t be doing injectables. I will be sticking with frownies.

      nice or my crows feet

      hi everyone! i love the frownies line! these fit great around my eyes but i have a hard time keeping them stuck to the frown lines around my mouth... it's ok though, worth it for me!

      A Cook

      I order both the original forehead patches and corners of eyes & mouth patches at once. I really like playing around with both to get the right configuration for my face. Love all the wrinkle patches and highly recommend!

      Works As Advertised!

      I’ve been using Frownies for 12 years and still love them.