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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 106 reviews
      Kathy Engstrom
      Seem to work!

      I find these easy to use and they work! Someone commented they were hard to remove; they are easy to remove. I will buy again :)

      Rebecca Espinoza
      Frown lines

      I wear these because I'm both a side and stomach sleeper and because of this my face squishes a lot. These do a great job of keeping my laugh lines from getting worse while I sleep and have improved them a little as well. So far so good.

      Erika Blanc
      They Work, It's A Learning Curve

      It's taken me at least 3-4 times and watching many videos to figure out the best application. I found what's best finally and when I woke up my most prominent line was lifted. I also feel a difference in the muscle in that area too which was cool.
      Best application: get a finger tip wet, rub back of patch, let it sit with sticky side up. Wait until the patch curls and the patch adhesive looks like it's less wet, spread wrinkle pop it on. This way of doing it really gets the patch to stick instead of sliding on the face.

      work for my forehead lines but...

      These things are not easy to come off, they do come off easily in the shower because water is constantly hitting them; but if you do not shower they are harder to come off. I do a notice a difference in my lines. I would see how it goes after a month, then I will probably get again. Also, my forehead is super greasy but these things stay on, which I like.

      Bobbie Dunn
      Great product!

      I love these frownies, I use them for my forehead/elevens. The shape is perfect for me.