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Gentle Lifts for Lip Lines

Gentle Lifts for Lip Lines

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Lip lines, smile lines and marionette lines how can Frownies help?

Frownies Gentle Lifts offer a non-invasive solution for treating wrinkles in areas like lip lines, smile lines, and marionette lines. These groundbreaking skincare self adhesive patches have been crafted to target fine lines and wrinkles on the face and can be applied to regions such as the forehead, corners of the eyes, and the lip lines around the mouth.

Gentle Lifts are designed to fit above and below the lips or in between the eye brows. They are an option for smaller areas of the face that the Frownies Original Facial Patches are too big to address.

Frownies Gentle Lifts should always be applied to clean, dry, skin. After washing your face and applying your skincare, give the skincare time to absorb into the skin. You will then be ready to apply your Frownies Gentle Lifts. Peel the backing off the Gentle Lift to reveal the sticky cotton side. Gently smooth out the creases and apply the patch over the desired area. Hold the Gentle lift in place against the skin for a few seconds. When you first apply the Gentle Lifts they can peel off pretty easily so hold them in place without facial movement for several seconds. After you keep them on for a longer period of time they tend to cling more tightly to the skin. To remove, hold the skin with one hand and gently remove them with the other. You can use a little warm water to loosen the Gentle Lifts if they are stuck tight!


"Saw results overnight!"

These are great! I bought the little ones for the lips but use them between my eyebrows and on my crows feet! I'm definitely going to continue to get these! They're reusable too for a few days which helps make them more cost effective, especially since I'm using 3 nightly."—Cynthia Ybarra

"Holy cow, they work"

I'm so impressed! I'm 38 with very sensitive, delicate skin and I have some lip lines from pursing my lips and also probably from smoking in my youth. I've been using the little lifts along with the apple stem cell serum for about 2 weeks. I can already see a difference. My husband said, "Wow! This is the only thing you've tried that I can actually tell!" Ha - I am a skincare junkie and this is pretty high praise coming from him. I will continue using these! --Aundrea Anderson

60 Patches per box.

Product Patented by B&P Company Owners and Creators of Frownies

Pregnancy Safe

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Customer Reviews

Based on 267 reviews

I’ve been using the Gentle Lifts between my eyebrows for the “11” lines for a month and a half. So far it hasn’t improved anything. Will finish my second box and see if it starts to improve.

Hi there, thank you for your review. Frownies Gentle Lifts were created to smooth the smaller and harder to reach lines around the mouth. You may need to try our Forehead & Between the Eyes patches for a better fit. They were designed specifically for the elevens you’re trying to target! Message us on and we’d be happy to chat about specifics for you. All our best, Frownies Customer Care

Adele Camus
They really work!

I'm lucky not to have a lot of wrinkles at my age, but I have a couple of really obvious wrinkles on my upper lip. When I use the frownies patches at night, these lines are barely noticeable in the morning. This isn't magic and the lines gradually come back as the day wears on, but they are never as bad as when I don't use the patches at all. The patches are not uncomfortable and they stay on all night despite my tossing and turning in my sleep. Definitely worth it!

Hi Adele, thank you for the review! We’re so pleased to hear you’re enjoying great results from Frownies Gentle Lifts. Because of all the natural movement from talking, smiling, and eating, that area can be tricky, but keep up the consistency and you’ll notice improvements and prevent new lines from forming! Message us if you have any questions about maintaining your results. or Cheers, Frownies Customer Care

Dena Brooks

Gentle lifts are perfect for between my eyes and for the cheeks and smile lines. I hold them down for a minute or so. They’re very sticky and stay put!! I started noticing a difference quickly.

Hi Dena, thank you for the review of Frownies Gentle Lifts! We’re so glad you’re enjoying them and noticing results. Keep it up! Please message us on or email if you ever have any questions. Take care, Frownies Customer Care

Toni Hoover
Love it all

My forehead is definitely smoother, love the simplicity of skincare. Leaves my skin soft and smooth. I have fairly deep lip lines, actually been cutting two frownies and putting them over my lip. Seems to lessen wrinkles. Gentle lifts under lip. So far so good.

Hi Toni, thank you for the feedback! We’re so happy you’re enjoying Frownies. If you ever have any questions, please message us on or email We’d love to help! Many thanks, Frownies Customer Care

Denise Deglopper
Good results

I have been using your products and I can see results on my smoker lines. Wow!!! My husband notices the difference .

Hi Denise, thank you for the review! We’re so happy you’re enjoying Frownies Gentle Lifts. If you haven’t yet, come join us on and We appreciate you!! – Frownies Customer Care

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