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Gentle Lifts for Lip Lines

Gentle Lifts for Lip Lines

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"Saw results overnight!

These are great! I bought the little ones for the lips but use them between my eyebrows and on my crows feet! I'm definitely going to continue to get these! They're reusable too for a few days which helps make them more cost effective, especially since I'm using 3 nightly."—Cynthia Ybarra

60 Patches per box.

Product Patented by B&P Company Owners and Creators of Frownies


Frownies Gentle Lifts should always be applied to clean, dry, skin. After washing your face and applying your skincare, give the skincare time to absorb into the skin. You will then be ready to apply your Frownies Gentle Lifts.

Peel the backing off the Gentle Lift to reveal the sticky cotton side. Gently smooth out the creases and apply the patch over the desired area.

Hold the Gentle lift in place against the skin for a few seconds. When you first apply the Gentle Lifts they can peal off pretty easily. After you keep them on for a longer period of time they tend to cling more tightly to the skin. To remove, hold the skin with one hand and gently remove them with the other. You can use a little warm water to loosen the Gentle Lifts if they are stuck tight!


Gentle Lifts are designed to fit above and below the lips or in between the eye brows. They are an option for smaller areas of the face that the Frownies Original Facial Patches are too big to address.

Frownies Gentle Lifts are a gentle spot treatment for softening fine lines and wrinkles.


Gentle Lifts are a small self sticking soft cotton lined patch. Similar to a cotton lined band-aid.

Gentle Lifts contain no Latex or silicone. The Gentle Lifts have a stiff center, acting as a mini splint for the smaller areas where they are applied.

There are no active ingredient in the Gentle Lifts; they work according to the same mechanical process as the Original Frownies Facial Patches.

Just like the Frownies paper patches, Gentle Lifts are breathable because of the cotton lining and soft edges.


Q: Do Gentle Lifts work like the Original Facial Patches?

A: Frownies Gentle Lifts offer a more subtle smoothing effect and are designed for smaller areas of the face that the Frownies Original Facial Patches don't fit. Remember that Gentle Lifts don't tighten loose skin or lift sagging skin, they simply smooth and soften subtle fine lines.

Q: How long should I wear Gentle Lifts?

A: Gentle Lifts are worn overnight or any time you have at least 3 hours to leave them on.

Q: Where can I place the Gentle Lifts?

A: Gentle lifts were created for smaller areas of the face such as above and below the lips where Frownies Patches are too large to fit properly.
However, they can also be used in between the eyebrows as a small spot treatment as well.

Q: Is there Latex or silicone in Frownies Gentle Lifts?

A: No. Frownies are Latex and silicone free.


We are so confident you will see results before the end of your first month of continuous use of our Facial Patches, that if your frown lines do not show any signs of improvement, we will refund purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Janet Riegel
Frowning and Counting

I have not got a chance to use my Frownies yet. I'm sooo excited to try them and can't wait see what happens. I'm sure I'll be happy because I have only heard raving reviews. You will definitely hear from me once I have used them. I plan on taking pics on day 1 and every day and track the progress.

Hi Janet, thanks so much for your review. We appreciate the confidence you have in Frownies. We are certain you'll see great results if you're consistent and follow the instructions in our tutorial for applying the patches (linked below)! There can be a learning curve, so if you find yourself needing assistance, please feel free to message us on We'd love to hear what you think once you've been able to try them out! Cheers, Frownies Customer Care


Edward Carlon
Gentle lifts

I bought them and I found they were better for around the mouth. Subsequently, I don’t have many lines there so I gave them to my friend who has lines around her mouth and she loves them. (However, I saved a few for myself). I have for head wrinkles.
So I use the other frownies which I love and have used for 20years . Another great product, that really works and shows great results. Thanks again !

Hi Edward, thank you for your review. We're happy to hear you are enjoying them and even shared with a friend -- so kind of you! The Gentle Lifts were designed specifically for around the lips in the hard-to-fit areas where our other facial patches may not stick, though it never hurts to try the patches out in other areas! We appreciate you being a long-time customer and we'd love to hear from you if you have any questions. Please feel free to message us anytime on or Many thanks, Frownies Customer Care


Gentle Lifts for Lip Lines

Thanks for your review, Laura! We're so happy to see you're enjoying the Gentle Lifts! If you haven't yet, please join us on or Thanks again!! - Frownies Customer Care

Overnight Results

I used the gentle lifts for shallow smile lines going from the tip of the side of my nose to the corner of my mouth. I was amazed, the VERY next day the line was gone. It came back end of day softer than before, regular use will help. This also softened horizontal creases under my bottom lip and chin from placing my chin in my hand. Lastly, these worked wonders on neck creases I have on one side of my neck, just be sure to remove from this skin very gently. I am absolutely amazed. I really was going to go the botox route and WOW!

Hi Bianca, our Gentle Lifts are great for those smaller areas, like around the lips, and we're so happy you're enjoying your experience with them! Thank you so much for your review. If you haven't yet, please feel free to join us on or We appreciate you!! - Frownies Customer Care

Nita Anderson

Gentle Lifts for Lip Lines

Hi Nita, thank you for your review! We're happy to see you're loving the Gentle Lifts. If you haven't yet, join us on and We appreciate you!! - Frownies Customer Care