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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 84 reviews
      Adrienne Dyer
      I've Been Impressed!

      Of course I was skeptical at first but I have been impressed with the results. I see the most immediate results with the gentle lift tabs in the morning and I can usually get 2 uses out of them. I also use them for holding the patches it place for my smile lines which is doubly helpful!

      Regina Hoel
      Not on my lips

      I’m using them ingeniously on my 11’s between my eyes instead of the paper ones that you have to wet. I saw a difference the next morning! I just use one right across that frown line and as long as I keep it up it works. I tried using one on each line going upright but my new method works and will be less expensive. You should not apply any creams in that area before you use the patches. I’m all in!

      Teresa Morisi

      Love it, so easy to apply and it actually is working.

      Laurel Sprang
      More Effective than Expensive Creams

      I tried these after having no luck with some expensive creams and serums. I was amazed with the results! I have deep mouth wrinkles and these smoothed them out overnight. I love the way I look in the morning after wearing these!

      Jennifer King
      Gentle lips lip lines

      I have been using these for almost a month and seen a noticeable difference! They really do work!!