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Blue Green Algae Clay Masks

Blue Green Algae Clay Masks

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Rated top 10 clay mask on social media


KAOLIN CLAY, a gentle exfoliator and oil absorber.  

FRENCH GREEN CLAY, removes toxins, balances oil production and tightens pores.

MOROCCAN RED CLAY, detoxifies and improves skin clarity. 

MSM for improved collagen support.

Blue Green Algae  helps to replenish and strengthen skin, leaving it looking more radiant and youthful.

"Great clay mask!" 

"It’s seriously feels like my skin is lifted firmer and so much more clean after just one treatment. This is definitely a go to for me during the summer months!" — KATHERINE SCOFIELD

Did not expect to love it this much!

Took me a couple of tries to get the consistency right but now I know the sweet spot. The scent is wonderful and I love the experience of painting it on my face. It forces me to slow down a bit and is the perfect start to some dedicated self-care time. Continue to be so impressed by these products!

The color of the mask may vary from a darker green to a lighter green. 


How to apply for best results

The environmental benefit of the minimal packaging is a great benefit, you are not paying to ship water, and you mix what you need when you need it.

Understand the details

Mix 1/2 tablespoon of powder mask with 2 teaspoons of water. Stir until smooth. Use the brush to paint the mask onto your face and neck. Let the mask dry and rinse off.

People have been using clay for centuries to improve the health of their skin. Frownies Clay facial masks are made up of kaolin, green French and Moroccan clays along with Blue Green Algae and MSM for collagen support.

Clay masks have several benefits, absorbing excess oil, helping manage dry skin, and preventing acne. An overall cleaning and detoxing of the surface layer of skin helps the skin look smooth and radiant.

Blue Green Algae helps to replenish, restore, and strengthen the skin while the clay in the mask help to detoxify, exfoliate, and assist in clarifying the skin's over all tone and texture. Paint it on and let it dry then rinse off. Increased circulation may show up as a flush face for a few minutes. Use all the mask you mix first on the face neck and chest, if any is left put it on the back of your hands or arms.

Ingredients from the Earth

Kaolin clay, Moroccan red clay, French Green clay, MSM, Blue green algae/Spirulina.

Everything you need: a mixing bowl, and a mixing/applicator brush. (bowls, and brushes will vary depending on supply chain and shipping availability)

Only pure and natural ingredients go into every product!

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Our Promise

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Customer Reviews

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Kristin Porter

Makes my skin feel fresh and deeply cleaned.

Hi Kristin, thank you for the review! We’re so happy you’re enjoying our Blue Green Algae Clay Mask and how it makes your skin feel! If you haven’t yet, come join us on and All our best, Frownies Customer Care

Consistency is key!!

I am definitely seeing more smoothness around my forehead, but consistency is key!

Thanks for the review, Kellie! We're so happy you're enjoying Frownies Blue Green Algae Clay Mask. Consistency is a game changer when it comes to best results with skin care or our facial patches!! Keep it up. If you ever have any questions, message us on or email All our best, Frownies Customer Care


Love this! My entire family uses it, we have a spa day every Sunday and we use it. Leaves skin feeling soft and clear. I love the way it feels on, and it smooths very nice on face, it’s a high quality product. I highly recommend.

Hi Cara, thanks for the feedback! We're so happy you and your family are enjoying Frownies Clay Mask. What a fun idea to do a weekly spa day!! If you haven't yet, come join us on and We'd love to see a picture of your family in their masks! Cheers, Frownies Customer Care

Lora Schwieterman

Blue Green Algae Clay Masks

Thanks for the review, Lora! We're so pleased to see you're enjoying Frownies Clay Mask. If you haven't yet, come join us on and We appreciate you!! - Frownies Customer Care


Just tried the Clay Mask for the first time and absolutely love it! My skin looks instantly refreshed with decreased appearance of lines and wrinkles. I ended up using about 1 tsp of water, maybe a little more to get the right consistency, but the application process is so easy with the kit. Can't wait to use it again.

Hi Angela, thank you for the review! We're so happy you're enjoying Frownies Clay Mask! If you haven't yet, come join us on and We appreciate you!! - Frownies Customer Care