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Facial Patches

Frownies Facial Patches are a non-invasive wrinkle smoothing patch worn while you sleep or for a minimum of three hours. Our patches act to form a cast for the facial muscles stopping faicla expressions. When worn consistently, Frownies help retrain the muscles to release tension, relax, and lay flat, lifting the lines and smoothing the skin.

Frownies® offers 3 different styles of Frownies Facial Patches. Forehead & Between Eyes Patches are popular for horizontal lines and "11" lines between your eyes. Frownies Corner of Eyes & Mouth Patches lift and smooth "crows feet" around the outside of your eyes and smile lines (also called marionette lines). Frownies Gentle Lifts are designed for smaller areas of the face, perfect for lines around your lips referred to as "smokers lines".

Whether you're looking to address wrinkles between the eyes and on the forehead (11's) or wrinkles on the corner of your eyes and mouth, Frownies® can help!

Frownies Facial Patches are made of natural weighted unbleached craft paper. The paper is unbleached and colored to create a specific weight. Paper can also be cut and tailored to your specific shape and needs. We have tested a variety of materials and paper is the safest and healthiest for the skin on the face. Unlike other materials, paper is breathable and prevents trapping bacteria under the patch against the skin.  Our patches also use a vegetable (primarily dextrin) based hypo-allergenic adhesive.

Because Latex and silicone can be allergens for some, our facial patches are silicone and Latex free. There are also no active ingredients in our facial patches. Your results are a muscular response to the Facial Patches holding stiff like a cast.  The patches hold the muscle in place, retraining them to relax into their original smooth flat position. For decades, our faithful customers have been using our patches as an alternative to chemical products or invasive procedures.

Gentle Lifts

Gentle Lifts are like a stiff cotton lined band-aid. There is no Latex or silicone in our Gentle Lift patches. They have a soft edge and stiff center to provide a gentle lift and smoothing effect on the face. These patches were designed to be used in smaller areas where the Original Facial Patches wont’ fit.  Gentle Lifts work well for the areas above the lips, between the nose and mouth, as well as below the lips above the chin.  

There are no active ingredients in our Gentle Lifts; they also work because of the same mechanical process as the paper Facial Patches. The results are due to a muscular response to the Gentle Lifts working like a splint on the skin.  The Gentle Lifts hold the muscles in place, retraining them to lie in a smooth flat position again. Gentle Lifts work great on the lip lines as well as between the eyes for the eleven lines. Just like the paper patches, the Gentle Lifts allow the skin to breath, protecting the health of the skin.

So why use Frownies®?

Throughout the aging process, our skin continuously changes. During early adulthood (age 25-34) the skin begins to thin slightly. Keeping the skin hydrated and clean helps prolong the youthful appearance of the skin. With daily use of Face Wash, Moisturizer, Rose Water Hydrator, Skin Serum, and an occasional Clay Mask the skin will stay healthy and smooth.  As you begin to see slight fine lines appearing, using Frownies Facial Patches can prevent and smooth any fines lines before they get any deeper. Preventing lines before they etch into the skin is the easiest way to maintain smooth skin! 

At around 35-50 the skin starts losing more collagen and becomes thinner, drier and less elastic. It is important at this time to use MoisturizerFace WashSerum (morning and night)Clay Mask at least once a week, and Facial Patches more often as you now see lines reappearing at a faster rate. This will keep your skin looking its best and brightest as you age. 

Around age 45-60, skin may lose fat, collagen, and elasticity. Our skin begins to take on a transparent look. Glands decline in number and output, causing dry and broken skin. Skin Serum is a must along with reapplication of Moisturizer multiple times throughout the day. We also recommend using Frownies Face WashMoisturizerRose Water Hydrator, & Skin Serum in both the morning and at night. Clay Mask can be used less frequently, at least once a week. Our Facial Patches should be used every night as you see lines reappearing, choosing the patch that is best suited for your problem area(s). 

We want women (and men) to be healthy inside and out so that they can look and feel their best at every age.  Our Frownies Facial Patches and all of our skincare products were created with that goal in mind. All of our products are gluten free, all-natural and cruelty free, made primarily with organic ingredients! For the full ingredient list, click here

Our skin care products are all handmade in house in the USA. Our Facial Patches are also recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable! We hope you love Frownies as much as we do!

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