Glowing Down the Aisle: Say I Do to Your Wedding Skin Prep Routine

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Picture this – Your big day is right around the corner. You've got the dress, the venue, and all the little details sorted. Now, it's time to give your skin the love it deserves, because let's be real, flawless skin? That's the ultimate accessory.

At Frownies, we're all about embracing tradition while stepping into the future. Think of us as your trusty sidekick on this wedding journey. Sure, you've got your something old, blue, and borrowed, but why not add something new to the mix? Cue Frownies! We're here to be your skincare bestie, helping you achieve that bridal glow without any stress or fuss.

We get it. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and the last thing you need is skincare woes adding to the mix. Whether you're battling oily skin, dealing with dryness, or have sensitive skin that's as delicate as lace, we've got you covered. Our products are like little love notes to your skin, designed to nourish, hydrate, and bring out your natural glow.

We’re here to show you when and how to incorporate new products into your skincare routine. Say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to wedding skin prep. With Frownies by your side, you'll walk down that aisle feeling confident, beautiful, and ready to say "I do" to the skin of your dreams. Cheers to love, laughter, and fabulous skin!

wedding skin prep timeline with frownies products

60-90 Days Before the Wedding: Setting the Stage 

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As the countdown to your wedding begins, think of the days ahead as the time to nurture and prepare your skin. Starting your skincare routine 60-90 days in advance is like sending out your save-the-date—you're setting the stage for the best results.

It’s the perfect time to introduce Frownies Facial Patches into your nightly regimen. These carefully crafted patches are designed to be a non-invasive alternative for softening static wrinkles and expression lines. 

Frownies Facial Patches act as a splint or a cast to hold the facial muscles smooth and relaxed. Preventing furrowing of the brow while you're wearing them and helping you to become more aware and in control of your facial expressions throughout the day.   

When used consistently for at least 3 months before your wedding you will be prepping that smooth canvas for your wedding makeup artist to build on. 

This period is also about building a strong foundation for your skin. It’s the best time to enhance your routine with a Vitamin C serum to brighten your complexion and ensure your skin is deeply hydrated with impactful ingredients. Remember, with both Vitamin C Serum and Frownies Facial Patches, consistent application leads to better results.

Another fun step to add to your wedding prep skin regimen is regular facials from professional estheticians. Consider booking a series of skin treatments that will support your skin type, whether that's managing oily areas or nurturing patches of dry skin. This is also the moment to address any concerns you may have about post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or acne scars, giving your skin extra time to heal and rejuvenate before your big day.

Most importantly, these months are about establishing a skincare regimen that works for you. By incorporating beauty products and practices that you trust you'll ensure that your skin is fully acclimated to your skincare choices, reducing the risk of any adverse reaction as your wedding day approaches.

30 Days Before the Wedding: Focusing on Targeted Treatments

woman wearing wrinkle patches on her forehead and a hydrating neck mask

With one month left until your wedding, it’s time to hone in on targeted treatments that elevate your skin’s natural glow. This stage is all about precision—addressing specific areas with the right care to ensure they complement your overall bridal radiance.

Your skin prep now is less about introducing different products and more about maximizing the benefits of what’s already working. Keep up with your vitamin-rich serums and wrinkle patches that have become your skin’s best friends, ensuring every day brings you closer to achieving that dream bridal glow.

At this stage, every product counts, from the eye creams that keep dark circles at bay to the clearing serum that maintains your complexion’s clarity, but for a little something extra, consider incorporating Frownies’ Neck Mask and Chin-Ups into your routine. These specialized masks make sure your neck gets a little extra love leading up to your big day as well! For best results, use them twice a week to give these areas the attention they deserve, firming and hydrating the skin for a seamless look from face to chest.

Week of the Wedding: The Final Countdown

woman using body brush on her upper thigh in her bathroom

The final week before your wedding is a period for adding the last touches to ensure your skin is picture-perfect.

It’s essential now to avoid any harsh treatments or active ingredients that might irritate your skin. Definitely, no trying products for the first time the night before your wedding! Instead, focus on maintaining balance and hydration levels with soothing, nourishing products. You’ve built up to this moment, so trust in the gentle power of your favorite products to keep your skin calm and clear.

This week, prioritize rest and hydration—inside and out. Drink plenty of water and pamper your skin with moisturizing ingredients that lock in that supple, hydrated look.

One product that does just that is our Blue Green Algae Clay Mask! Combining the nourishing properties of blue-green algae with the purifying power of kaolin clay, it's ideal for enhancing your skin texture and health. If you have found success with it before, consider incorporating it into your routine leading up to your big day; treating your skin to a natural, effective, and rejuvenating experience. 

And a pro tip for the spray tan girlies! If you're planning to get a spray tan for an added glow, prepare your skin with Frownies’ Body Brush. Dry brushing two days before your tan can help create a smooth, even surface, so your golden hue applies flawlessly and lasts through your whole weekend of celebrations.

Remember, this week is about minimal stress and maximal effectiveness. It’s the time to get excited, knowing your wedding prep has set you up with bridal beauty that will shine as you walk down the aisle.

Day of the Wedding: Last-Minute Touches for Your Big Day

woman putting on under eye gels

On the morning of your wedding, it’s all about tranquility and final touches. Start your day with a gentle cleanse, followed by Frownies’ Forehead Serum Patch and Cactus Collagen Under Eye Gels. The Frownies’ Forehead Serum Patch hydrates to give your forehead a smooth, refined appearance, while the under-eye gels help to diminish any puffiness or dark circles, ensuring you look well-rested and radiant. These targeted treatments will ensure your forehead and eye area look smooth and vibrant, providing the perfect canvas for your wedding makeup.

Hydration is key today. Opt for lightweight, deeply hydrating products that ensure your skin is the perfect canvas for a flawless makeup application. And as your makeup artist begins their work, take a moment to reflect on the journey here and appreciate how beautiful you and your big day really are!

Your Bridal Beauty Squad: Skincare Essentials for the Big Day    

As you get ready to celebrate your special day, think of your skincare routine like they're your bridesmaids: your tried and trues, your ride or dies, all there to make sure you look and feel your absolute best. Every bride shines with her own unique beauty, and with Frownies by your side, you’ve had the perfect support team to bring out that bridal glow. Remember, today is about joy, love, and the memories you’ll cherish forever—not just about looking perfect. So, take a deep breath, enjoy every moment, and know that you look absolutely stunning!
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