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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 27 reviews
      Love how light

      This serum is so light my skin immediately soaks it in. I haven’t been using it too long so I don’t know about it’s effects but I do know my skin likes it. That’s rare due to my rosacea and sensitivities.

      Myra Hall
      Love this stuff- need it for my body!

      It’s wonderful- please make a body serum! I tried some on the back of my hands as an experiment and it really improved the looks of the skin on my hands/fingers as well as my neck and face!

      Marie D
      Wonderful Addition to Skincare Line!

      I was a little hesitant on the Apple Stem Cell Serum since it’s a bit expensive, but I have been so pleased with the results. I put it on every night, before retinol & my frownies. I also put it on in the mornings after I remove my frownies. I love that it comes with individual vials to keep the product fresh. My wrinkles have improved SO much over the last 8 months- due to the entire frownies skincare line. I’m a frownies costumer for life & trust their products while-heartedly!

      Megan D

      This stuff works. And I’d say it has given me better benefits than vitamin c serums. I put it all over my face. Love it!

      Shonna Haggard
      Apple Serum

      Satisfied thus far.