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      Frownies Blog

      Think Green for March Health Madness

      What food is sadly lacking from the diet of most people around the world? Greens! St. Patty's Day or getting ready for spring, green is the color.  Green beer, just one or two, but the rest of the month look for green foods daily to improve liver function which improves you skin's clarity and over all appearance. 

      Greens are packed with nutrients, especially vitamin C, vitamin B6, calcium, iron, zinc, folate, lutein, beta carotene, chlorophyll and protein. Yes, protein. Greens contain a large percentage of calories as protein.

      For example, broccoli is over 50% protein. Kale is 17% protein. One bunch of kale supplies above the recommended daily allowance for many of the essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein, and close to the RDA for many others -- all in roughly 225 calories. 

      Try pampering yourself with a fantastically colorful salad, a roasted pan of green  vegetables like mustard greens or collard greens, or a beautify and nutritious green smoothie. 

      The possibilities are endless, although it may seem like you’re relegated to choosing between broccoli or a Caesar salad, both are great but there is more. 

      Get creative. Get loving. The act of cooking for yourself is itself a declaration of your own value - treat your body kindly. Liver gets active in the spring to cleans the blood and the color to cleanse the liver is green. 

      Greens provide essential alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are not found in sufficient quantities in fruits, nuts and seeds. When animals are fed a low calcium diet that is high in phosphorus, they develop bone disorders and dental problems.

      To provide enough minerals in the diet, we need a sufficient quantity and variety of green vegetables. We also need to eat greens in such a way that the body can easily assimilate the nutrients.

      Most people don’t eat a great variety of greens, and sadly, when it comes to the most important greens, they don’t eat hardly any of those at all. The most important greens are the ones that contain the most minerals such as kale, broccoli, mustard greens, and collards.

      These greens are not eaten raw very often because their tough, fibrous nature make them tough to chew, the valuable nutrients aren’t always released from the cell walls from chewing alone. These vegetables are best cooked.

      For optimal health, you need to include green vegetables daily, in a form that is easy for the body to assimilate. While salads are great, and should be eaten regularly, it’s often the case that they are not providing all of the nutrition necessary for optimal health because they are not chewed well enough to release all the nutrients from the cell walls.

      Sauteing, steaming and boiling dark greens and adding our favorite dressing is a place to start. Green drinks are easy and tasty start with a simple basic and build your favorite. 

      Take leafy greens such as dark green lettuces, kale, spinach, parsley, or any others and enough  water for blending. 

      Place a handful of green leafy vegetables in the blender.  Add enough water to cover the vegetables and blend until vegetables are completely dissolved. Pour liquid into a 1 1/2 to 2 quart container and fill with water.  Shake well before drinking.  Sip throughout the day in place of water.  Adding fresh ginger root, lemon or mint to the blend adds a nice flavor. Mix in any frozen fruit for a thick smoothie. If the drink seems plain add lemon it always picks up the beverage. 


      Don't Treat Yourself with Junk Food

      frownies self love valentine special offer

      Valentine’s Day may call to mind fatty steaks and rich chocolates, but the truth is heavy food and overeating leaves most of us feeling slow and sleepy. Not a good way to love on yourself!

      Try pampering yourself with bone broth soup, or a fantastically colorful salad, a roasted pan of cruciferous vegetables, a delectable dark chocolate mousse, a cheesy frittata, yummy mint hummus, candied walnuts, dill salmon and quinoa pilaf…

      The possibilities are endless, although it may seem like you’re relegated to choosing between a loaded baked potato and a Caesar salad.

      Get creative. Get loving. The act of cooking for yourself is itself a declaration of your own value - treat your body kindly.

      Swivel down into the most comfortable spot in your home (bring yourself some of that herbal tea and a square of dark chocolate) and let yourself get lost for a little while.

      This list is certainly not exhaustive.

      Singing by yourself? Totally restorative.

      Stretching out on the floor and staring through a skylight? Magical.

      Practicing re balancing your energy through strategic breathing exercises? Priceless. (YouTube breathing exercises)

      There are endless ways you can show yourself love, and that’s especially important to remember on Valentine’s Day.

      Frownies Body Lotion all over cellulite cream where you want to tighten, Skin Serum on the feet, elbows, and neck.  Use Skin Serum on you hands and nail beds too! Try Clay Mask to feed the skin, then put on a Full Face and Neck Mask. After all of that Moisturize and moisturize again with Frownies Moisturizer Face and Neck and Eye Cream.  Self love is the most important before you can really love another.  

      Change Your Skin Care Change Your Health

      Frownies skin care wrinkle treatment essential oils organic natural cellulite cream body lotion Rosewater sunburn acne pimples flaking dryness aging growth hormone fine lines elasticity firmness Skin disorders eczema psoriasis itchy skin Face and Neck Moisturizer Eye cream nontoxic diet whole health skin illness skin issues infertility neurotoxins plant based vegan gluten free paraben free sale

      FROWNIES Skincare is unlike any other skin care system. The uniqueness is found in the ingredients. Take at look at the product ingredient lists at and you will see why. Every ingredient we put into our skin care formulas is for your skin's benefit. Yes, Frownies skincare will have your skin looking younger tighter and "glowier' with continued use, but our intention is to give your skin what it needs, what it craves! Your skin wants to protect you, and Frownies wants to protect your skin. 

      Toxic Skin Care Ingredients 

      Everyday the average person uses 10 different skin care products on his or her face and body, We slather, lather, rub and spray--and since our skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier, we absorb approximately 130 chemicals in our daily routines. For most, these are chemicals we regularly expose ourselves to. Cosmetic companies and the FDA maintain that these chemicals are safe, and some of them somewhat are—IN SMALL DOSES!

      Effects of Hidden Ingredients

      Consider this, the average woman wears makeup every day. This helps you to begin to understand how a little pump here and a simple spray there begins to add up! The scary fact is, no one fully knows how certain chemicals affect us long-term, or how they react when combined together within our bodies. There are other chemicals that do have known dangers: Phthalates, for example, often found in artificial fragrances, are classified as hormone disruptors which can be linked to birth defects, sperm damage, and infertility.

      Switching to Non-Toxic Skin Care

      The face and neck area is where the most products are applied. This is why switching to non-toxic products for this area of the skin is how you can make the biggest difference for your skin and overall health. Swap out skincare with hidden ingredients for Frownies Moisturizer for Face and Neck and Frownies Eye Cream. If you think about it you may cringe. Why would we want to put the grossest ingredients right on our face? Not to mention a lot of skincare and anti-aging treatments for face and neck have neurotoxins, yet we put them right on our heads.

      The Power of Awareness

      Sometimes a little awareness can go a long way. Being aware that you can't see all the ingredients in your beauty products may leave you a bit hopeless, but there is hope. Frownies Products have no hidden harmful chemicals, ONLY HEALTHY PLANT INGREDIENTS that help heal and protect your skin naturally. Diet can be a large factor in skin health but unnatural skin care ingredients will perpetuate skin issues and illnesses. Just like your body needs healthy natural ingredients to thrive so does your skin. Don't starve your skin, instead feed it what it needs to do its job properly.

      Having Hope During Illness

      Before you give up hope take a moment to love your skin, having gratitude that there is another option. You can change the quality of your skin's health with Frownies, and the side effects are balanced, glowing, younger looking skin!

      Monthly Skincare Special 

      Frownies products are paraben free, polysorbate free, disodium edta free, sodium laureth free, and fragrance free! Frownies products are of such high quality for your skin and body that they are technically edible! Go to to receive a special offer during the month of February on our Face and Neck Moisturizer and our Eye Cream!

      Ingredients Matter- Aloe and its Benefits

      Frownies skin care wrinkle treatment essential oils organic natural cellulite cream body lotion Rosewater sunburn acne pimples flaking dryness aging growth hormone fine lines elasticity firmness Skin disorders eczema psoriasis itchy skin Aloe Vera  

      Frownies Moisturizer for Face and Neck and Frownies Eye Cream are amazing products that contains a whole host of beneficial, natural ingredients one that we must highlight is Aloe Vera due to all it’s healing properties! Why use Frownies Eye Cream in combination with Frownies Moisturizer ? Now let’s talk Aloe and why Frownies Moisturizer and Eye  Cream are so beneficial to the skin.

      The Aloe Vera Plant grows naturally in drier climates such as parts of Africa and India, and due to its medicinal properties, Aloe Vera has been used for centuries. This herbal remedy also provides relief for acute acne and dry skin. Ancient Egyptians referred to Aloe Vera as the “plant of immortality”. Considered the miracle plant it is used in many skin remedies because of its healing powers. Aloe Vera has various health benefits and uses for skin. 

      It has been established through several studies that Aloe Vera does have several properties that are effective when treating skin problems. Aloe can be used to address such skin problems as sunburn, acne, pimples, flaking, dryness, aging, and cosmetic issues (it can also be used to treat hair and scalp issues). The leaf of the Aloe Vera plant contain a gel that can be used to heal wounds, burns, cysts, and minor infections of the skin. Aloe Vera does offer much promise in treating more persistent or serious conditions for example genital herpes, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, canker sores, and more. Aloe Vera can be used on ALL SKIN TYPES! It can be found in many forms: Gel, Oil, juice, creams, soaps, tablets, and the whole plant.

      Due to Aloe Vera’s several skin benefits it has acquired recognition and is an important natural ingredient in many beauty products. It’s many miraculous properties can be brought to your beauty regime. 

      Skin Benefits of Aloe Vera:

      Moisturizing Treatment

      Aloe Vera has naturally moisturizing properties good for dry skin. It naturally maintains the skin keeping it hydrated and enhances the elasticity of the skin. Aloe Vera applied topically releases natural enzymes and essential vitamins to bear a beep moisturizing effect that restores pH balance and supplies oxygen to the skin, which strengthens, skin tissues and skin health.

      Natural Aftershave 

      Aloe Vera can be used as aftershave. Because of it’s strong healing properties it treats small cuts caused by shaving. Used by women and men.

      Acne Treatment

      Aloe Vera Gel contains the hormones Auxin and Gibberellin. These hormones provide the wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Gibberellin acts as a growth hormone- it promotes growth of new skin cells and stimulates the skin to heal quickly with minimal scarring. Aloe Vera reduces redness and inflammation and prevents triggering of pimples.

      Anti-aging Treatment

      Aloe Vera leaves contain beta-carotene, vitamin C and E, antioxidants that improve hydration and natural firmness of the skin used regularly improves the skins elasticity and reduces fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging. Aloe Vera refreshes skin leaving it soft and hydrated to keep you looking lively and young.

      Skin Ailment Treatment

      Skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, itchy skin etc. are treated with Aloe Vera’s healing and anti-allergic properties. Aloe Vera is used to treat blisters, insect bites, and other allergic reactions as well.

      Radiant Glow Treatment 

      As mentioned before Aloe Vera helps rid of dead skin cells and replaces with new to provide radiance.  Drinking Aloe Vera provides the body with vital nutrients for healthy glowing skin.

      Sunburn and Stretch Mark Treatment

      Aloe Vera’s treats sun burn at the epithelial level (layer of cells that cover the body), eases inflammation and pain, replenishes the skin’s natural moisture, acts as a protective shield from further skin deterioration, and enables rapid healing due to anti-oxidant properties and nutritional qualities.

      Skin Pigmentation Mark Treatment

      Aloe Vera and Rose Water are used as a remedy for lessening the appearance of blemish marks, age spots, and pigmentation marks on the skin. 

      Check out the other beneficial ingredients in Frownies Natural Skin Care Line. 

      Many Frownies skin care products contain Aloe Vera shop

      5 Ways Cold Climates Help Our Skin

      Frownies Cyro therapy for your face Wrinkles pores wrinkle cold weather  

       When we think about winter weather, we think dry hands, cracked noses, red cheeks— basically, we’re reminded of a slew of unsavory skin conditions that colder temperatures inflict upon us. 

      But, given that we have a few more months of freezing weather to endure, Frownies invite you to put on your rose colored glasses  with us and see if there are actually some benefits to those icy winds. After learning the following five ways chilly temperatures can actually help your skin, we’ve decided that maybe cold weather really isn’t so bad after all.


      1. It helps keep pores clog-free.
      Think cryotherapy; cold weather can act as a tonic or astringent. It helps to reduce clogs and keep pores less visible and refined. Cold weather also slows down and prevents the secretion of sebum, keeping shine at bay and reducing acne.
      2. It can improve your sleep.
      Getting a full night’s sleep is necessary for skin health, from reducing under eye circles to making sure your complexion stays glowing. Too-high nighttime temps actually disturb sleep—causing tossing and turning for most people—while coldness mimics the body’s natural drop in  internal temperature, which occurs a couple hours after we hit the sack. Therefore, most sleep scientists believe that a slightly cool room contributes to good sleep.

      3. It reduces puffiness.
      Cold weather promotes blood circulation in both the face and body, having a magical effect on reducing inflammation and swelling to the eyes and face. 

       4. It can keep you looking younger. 

      Cold weather enhances the complexion and rejuvenates skin. In a way, it slows down the aging process—think of cryotherapy spa treatments or splashing cold water on your face in the morning—and keeps skin tight, vibrant and radiant.

      5. It helps you burn fat.
      Okay, so this is more of an all-over-your-body effect of cold weather, but it can make a significant impact on your general appearance: In 2012, researchers discovered that cold weather appears to trigger calorie burn. Basically, cold temps signal your “brown fat” (the fat that allegedly helps burn your other “white fat”) to get to work, meaning that winter weather can be the catalyst for weight loss.