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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 359 reviews
      Tarin B
      For puffy eyes

      I sleep on my right side which normally gives me a super puffy and deeply lined R eye. I woke up after my very first night of use to smooth, non-puffy eyes without the deep wrinkle that is normally visible. Amazing stuff!

      Jolene Gonzales
      Forehead patches

      Amazing product.

      Jamie Smith
      Smooth forehead at 60 for 20 bucks!!!

      If u need help with the No. 11 lines or just wrinkles on the forehead in general. I d suggest Frownies patches to smooth them out over a short period of time. I d say if you d like to save yourself thousands of dollars on a facelift, give Frownies a try for a small price and you ll see your muscles in your forehead relax while u sleep. Then do as I ve done and watch your wrinkles smooth out, then disappear. The deeper they are the more time it takes, but the majority of that is while your sleeping. Also it s painless and inexpensive. Not much money or anything else for that matter, considering what all you ll see happen to your forehead . Think of how much money you ll save on Plastic surgery and how much younger you ll look for just a very small amount of money by trying Frownies for the forehead.

      Courtney C.
      Work great!

      I was really skeptical about these, because I have super deep “11’s” between my brows, but was willing to try them before busting out the big bucks on Botox. They fit the bill perfectly! They haven’t erased them, but they have majorly diminished them!! I’m impressed! The tutorial suggests that you can apply them with warm water or their rose water — I tried both ways and I do recommend spending the extra money for the rose water as it does work better this way, but warm water does suffice if you just can’t swing it or in a pinch if you don’t have the rose water with you.

      Lucy Aday
      Absolutely great

      Looks like I am a regular at the Med Spa.