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  • "Amazing Product! Really Works!"

    "I have been using these consistently for a month and have noticed a huge difference in my forehead wrinkles and frown line. The wrinkles are no longer deep set and more fine lines now. You need these!" — Rebecca Hart

  • "Worth the money!"

    "I have been Frownies for my smile lines for about a month and the results are incredible. I will definitely keep purchasing and using these every night and I would recommend them to everyone!" Ana

  • Saw results overnight!

    These are great! I bought the little ones for the lips but use them between my eyebrows and on my crows feet! I'm definitely going to continue to get these! They're reusable too for a few days which helps make them more cost effective, especially since I'm using 3 nightly.—Cynthia Ybarra

  • Love this thing!!

    Even WITH my readers on, my forehead is so much smoother than it was before I started using this! — Shanygne Gullickson

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Frownies Face Wash, Moisturizer Face & Neck, Rose Water spray and Skin Serum sitting on a bathroom shelf. All natural ingredients clean and safe for all skin.

Clean Skincare

Clean, fresh & naturally-derived ingredients for all your beauty needs.

Only pure and natural ingredients go into every Frownies product! Organic essential oils, organic oat oil, organic Aloe Vera, Peptides and Aspen bark extract as a preservative are common ingredients throughout Frownies product range.

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Margaret Wright her daughter, three granddaughters, and great great granddaughter. Five generation of the same family of women have run the Frownies Facial Patch line.


Frownies original facial smoothing patches were created in 1889 - this woman-owned business has sustained itself across 5 generations! We invite you to become a part of the FROWNIES Family. Experience the consistency and stability of results that have led to our company's longevity. Many knock off's have shown up and gone away but FROWNIES are here to stay!

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